• Single Exhumation

    Single Exhumation

    Single exhumations are often taken in the course of police work or to facilitate repatriations at the behest of the next of kin.

    Phoenix Exhumations are experienced at ensuring that a thorough and respectful exhumation is undertaken relevant to the circumstances.

  • Mass Exhumations

    Mass Exhumations

    Cemetery clearances of over 500 bodies are classed as mass exhumations. Phoenix Exhumations specialist team undertakes on average one mass exhumation per year. Careful planning is undertaken to ensure that the work is carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner whilst maintaining the dignity of the remains

  • Crypt Excavation/Restoration

    Phoenix Exhumation’s team specialises in not just undertaking functional and cost effective crypt restorations, but also in the recording of the occasionally significant historical and archaeological discoveries which occur when dealing with inhumations hundreds of years old.

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Phoenix is nationally renowned for its highly professional, but sensitive treatment of the exhumation and reburial of human remains.

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